The Culture, Prosperity and Civil Society Program is an initiative of The Centre for Independent Studies to defend and promote the traditional values and principles of a free and liberal democratic society and open economy in Australia.

We have reached a tipping point in Australian history – and the broader effort to defend our cultural freedom will not be won unless defenders of traditional values and liberal principles are willing and able to fight back against the forces that would make Australia a poorer, less free, and more divided nation.

The Culture, Prosperity and Civil Society Program will mobilise and support those seeking help and direction in the cultural struggle by providing the sensible, informed, and brave cultural leadership that is lacking and much-needed at this time.

The Program’s key objectives are to:

  • Defend the traditional social, economic, spiritual, and intellectual values and principles of liberal democracy;
  • Inform the Australian people of threats posed by political correctness and identity politics to the Australian ‘way of life’; and
  • Resist the subversion of major public and private institutions by divisive and intolerant agendas.