Mission and Goals

The Culture, Prosperity and Civil Society Program defends the rights and liberties of all Australians. It advocates for legislative protections for foundational freedoms to keep Australia a free and civil country where all can live together respectfully.

Australian Attitudes to Immigration: Coming Apart or Common Ground?

Jeremy Sammut

Immigration has been a contentious political issue in Australia and overseas for a number of…

A Test of Maturity: The liberal case for action on religious freedom

Peter Kurti

Article and Research by Robert Forsyth   Australia has long enjoyed religious freedom in practice without robust ...

John Howard on Culture, Prosperity and Civil Society

Jeremy Sammut

A preview taste of our event (watch the full video below).   Former Prime Minister John Howard ...

Minding the gap

Jeremy Sammut

Once again the start of the federal parliamentary year has been marked by what has ...

Millennials and socialism: Australian youth are lurching to the left

Tom Switzer

The 20th century’s failed experimentations with socialism serve as a strong lesson

Don’t let absurd theatre of identity politics divide us

Jeremy Sammut

The controversial University of Melbourne dance performance, Where We Stand, is an insight into kind ...

The Tyranny of Tolerance. Threats to Religious Liberty in Australia

Peter Kurti

It was a confident expectation for more than a century that religion

Reason, Repentance, and the Individual: Recovering the Religious Roots of Western Civilisation

Peter Kurti

DOWNLOAD PDF Reason, repentance, and the individual are three of the principal roots of Western…

Help protect all our rights

Peter Kurti

The Green Left — and some ‘progressive’ Liberals — seem to have flip-flopped and abandoned ...

Reforms will ensure children don’t spend their whole childhoods in care

Jeremy Sammut

Liberal MLC Mathew Mason-Cox’s stinging criticisms of the Berejiklian government’s handling of the troubled — and supposedly ...